Putin’s Secret Bachelor Pad in Downtown Moscow?

Living room

Want to know how to get the “Look?” It is the look of love.

Well, maybe not, but still a pretty cool cat lives here. I can just imagine the designers from Design Evolution in Russia having the time of their lives going about designing and decorating this pad. What a joy it must have been and with some astounding features, there is no doubt that these designers love what they do.

It is not for me – well maybe an apartment in Russia could be added to my collection – but I want to point out the design features that I think are very impressive and hopefully they will get your design tastes going on a cross country.

10 Unique design features for you to think about.

1. The ubiquitous use of grey hues interspersed with crisp white and chrome

Modern open concept kitchen

2. Black to add drama and tonal highlight

Black diningroom with a view

3. White in the floor and the ceilings – gives the crispness to the design

Black living room decor

4. The use of black and white marble – here and there. Not everywhere.

Small open kitchen with marble island

(Love the bottle on the floor! An accessory that is very useful and fulfils the form and function role!)

5. Light floors interspersed with black shiny ones – to reflect the same effect from the grey leather furniture.

Open concept living room

6. Black wooden cladding and black ceiling high curtains – drama at its best. Add a shaggy carpet and voila a bachelor’s dream come true.

Modern bedroom black colour scheme

7. A dressing room in a fishbowl to allow for maximum light.

Beautiful modern bedroom glass closet

Glass walk in closet

8. A small terrace with a splash of azure blue along with high design lighting and a paint washed wall gives character

Small balcony

9. Oversized black tiles creates a space-ship modern look

Bathroom oversized black tiles

Modern black bed bedroom.

Bathroom with textured marble walls

10. And it all fits perfectly into this unique plan.

Remember that planning your layout is the first thing you should be doing. Before spending a cent – draw up your plan and make sure your proportions are all spot on. Then go shopping.

Small apartment layout


Lea Ann 🙂

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