Revolution in Design – A Ukrainian Example of a High-End Apartment in Just 53 sq.m

Hi there – I’m back in the U.S.S.R. – well, Ukraine actually… I’m back in the U.S.S.R.You don’t know how lucky you are boy. Back in the U.S.S.R. (Yeah)

I am talking again about the special group of young people who head up Design Evolution in Kiev. These designers are not only evolutionary in their vision, but I would go so far as to say revolutionary. Their designs are like nothing else I have stumbled upon.

small cozy living room design kitchen living room laundry split

I mean, whoever would have got away with a dressing room and laundry as part of the living space and to boot, within a fish bowl?

small living room stone tv focal wall

I am going to point out some of their unique features and hopefully, you will get some ideas – that includes you Imelda Marcus – I am sure you will simply love the shoe showpiece!

Rest assured this apartment is for the very wealthy in Kiev as the average price/salary is as follows:

  • The average cost of an apartment 100 sq.m = US $1 540 000
  • The average monthly salary is = $2 878


1.The Plan – 53 sq.m small space design

As I mentioned before the plan of any space or apartment is where you should start with your ideas. I realise fellow designers, that this is in Russian – but I know you are well travelled and adept at foreign languages.  (If not – you will get the picture.)

  • Entrance: 3.8
  • Sitting/dining/kitchen 23.3
  • Bedroom 14.7
  • Bathroom 5
  • Dressing/laundry 6.2

This then is what can be achieved.  The first box ticked.

small apartment layout plans design revolution

2.The grand entrance

Note the mirrors and glass; a key to opening up any space.

Small entryway decor apartment layout full wall mirror

3.Sitting, dining and kitchen

The use of natural elements like wood, stone, glass and ceramic flooring all give the space a sense of depth and interest.  So even in a small space, a dash of these elements does give a completely luxurious and tactile feel to the home.

Colours are muted greys, natural woods and black.  With the addition of a few bright colours in some of the accessories, the overall feel is a soothing and comfy one.  The white walls do make the place look larger.

I love the black board!

Apartment wall decor small apartment living room

Small apartment breakfast nook idea modern decor

Small minimalist kitchen large full wall chalk board

4.The bedroom

I love the wooden cladding on the alcove and the upholstered wall behind the bed is simply brilliant.

small bedroom couples design play pen

small bedroom couples with baby play pen beside bed

Couples small bedroom baby play yard sleeper beside bed modern decor


A simple and beautiful space.

The black tiles reiterate the black furnishings and finishes throughout the home and the very clever use of lighting gives this tiny little room a sense of modern glamour.

Small simplistic bathroom vanity floating counter top

small bathroom shower with mirror wall

Small bathroom minimalist remodel under sink storage

6.Dressing room and laundryFabulous idea!

Glass allows for light to enter the space and makes absolutely sure that there are no unsightly socks lying around.I will be back with more!

Small living room dressing room glass enclosed

small entryway dressing room glass enclosed


As the Beatles said: Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out! They leave the West behind. Moscow girls to make me sing and shout. That Georgia’s always on my mind


Thanks for reading!

Lea Ann

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