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Six Easy Ways to Decorate Around Your TV in A Small Room

modern contemporary living room with tv

Televisions. No matter how technologically advanced, they are not a pretty sight in a room. But let’s face it they have come a long way and now TVs, like these sets from VIZIO, are thinner and easier to tuck away somewhere than ever before. They are very often the focus of the family room as all furniture in a small room needs to face the TV. No point having it any other way – or of course, you could be the 0.5% of the population who don’t have a TV. The vast majority of homeowners these days do have televisions in their living rooms (source here). It’s vital that the television is placed in a convenient place to ensure we can watch our favorite shows – at the end of the day, if you’ve got a TV then you will be paying to be able to watch it (the best deals are offered by ATT Bundles), so you want to make the most of it. Many of us do spend a considerable amount of time each day watching the TV, so it does need to be placed in a convenient area, without sacrificing the design of the room.

contemporary living room with hard wood floors

Here are 6 tips for decorating around a television in a small family room:

1. Disguise It. Pretend That It Is Not the Elephant in The Room

TV hidden by picture fames

TV Techno Geeks will be horrified by this idea. But those of us who believe that a TV should try and not be the focus then this is the way. Eliminate the problem by:

  • Putting behind sliding doors or pictures
  • Incorporating it into a montage of pictures and art work
  • Placing it in an old fashioned TV cabinet with doors
  • Attaching it to the inside of a coffee table or side unit
  • Throwing a throw over it!

2. Don’t Make a Big Deal Out of It – Distract The Eye

This setup is marvelous for the room. The TV does not dominate and the use of a glass table to house it is a good idea. It is not the feature of the room because the magnificent view is. So treat the room accordingly. L shaped furniture is always a good idea for watching TV – as everyone can have their own space without feeling squashed, and it is of course good for the TV Viewing Neck.

contemporary living room with large windows

3. Make It Part of the Overall Scheme of Things

If you are lucky enough to have a blank wall, then the answer to world viewing peace is to fill the space with a beautifully built unit that incorporates all other nice things and one of which in camouflage happens to be a TV. In this example, the TV area can be screened off with a roller front. Personally I would have put a mirror on to the front of the roller screen. How cool is that?

Living room with bookshelf tv wall unit

4. Face to Face with The TV On the Side

Furniture configured in a box style is a comfy, cosy style and one that is conducive to conversation and with the TV is placed on the side, there will be no pressure to have it on if you so wish. Like ordering your steak and pommes frites with a side salad. Nice to have – but not cluttering up the plate.

Face to face couches

5. Incorporate a unit to double up as storage

Make sure that it is at the right height for you TV as there is nothing worse than having to look down or up at a TV. This is not a hospital room after all. If you can have open shelving below the TV it is not only practical but eye-catching in a positive sense. You can hide DVD’s remotes and all other TV paraphernalia and if done right it will look great and detract from the black shiny hot tray above.

Tv unit with storage

6. Gallery Surround

What you really are wanting to accomplish is for your TV to blend into the décor and not stand out like a sore thumb. The answer is to try and hide it or embrace into a beautiful wall on which you display an art collection, family photos or your collection of lovely things.

Tv hidden among picture frames

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