Small Apartment Big Living – If Your Design Dreams Aren’t Scaring You, They Are Not Big Enough!

Living a small life in a small apartment? Stop this minute and take some advice from a team of experts in Cape Town, South Africa. Yes, you can – NOT continue on the path of small living without some panache.

small living room large windows abstract wall art yellow accents

This modern interior design comes to you from a fabulous interior design and architect firm called SAOTA; a highly talented team of designers who are making a big statement in the country.

This particular duplex in Cape Town took my fancy – it is a perfect living space and of course, the scenery and environment do not detract in any way. Oh for a pad in Cape Town like this.
Dream on. But, before you do, let me try to point to the aspects that grab me and that could be emulated in any small apartment.

small apartment artistic bookshelf wall art

small kitchen view kitchen island seating

1.Elegance – aspire to that, if it is the only thing you do.

Use style and innovative solutions combined together to create a comfortable, yet luxurious living space. Here, innovation meets true purpose. Multi-use and bespoke furniture can hide any clutter that you may have in your home. If you can’t afford bespoke, look for pieces that can fulfil this function.

small minimalist kitchen marble counter island seating

small living room marble tv focal wall

2.Don’t compromise design – think before you purchase.

Use every opportunity to maximise storage in a clever way – without compromising the design. Look at the kitchen table and the shelf table both providing storage capability as well as for display purposes. The bookshelf performs a multifunctional purpose – it also provides a beautiful piece of artwork. The furniture must fit the available space – as it does here. Nothing is for nothing.

artistic bookcase wall decor

3.Make an outdoor space – even if it eats into your indoor space.

Very often balconies are ignored because a small space “won’t allow for it”. But by having one you are doubling up on your living area – so if you can, make it work for you. An outdoor area allows you to gain a different perspective and add to the flow of the home.

small apartment living room patio

small apartment living room patio space

4.Think colour and texture and stick to a pattern

small apartment wall decor colour pattern

small bedroom wall decor modern lighting

The steel, wood and galvanised finishes of the stairs, doors and outdoor area to set the tone. To ensure an aesthetic flow make sure your accessories and furniture match this look. Dare I say it, but I have seen a modern home decorated in old granny’s hand-me-downs. If you can’t afford to change the outdated furniture you have been lumped with, then make a plan. Use throws, uplift the look with modern and bright cushions, add a modern rug.

To make your rug look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you may want to make sure that you don’t go too big or too small. It needs to be able to fit in your floor space just right. Before choosing your dream rug, you may want to have a look at some Teppich nach Maß online, to make sure that your rug can be suitably made to fit your space. It could help to make an uplifting difference to the overall feel of your room. There are ways and means.
Nice to dream! Hope you got some good ideas?

modern small bedroom wall decor furnishings

Small apartment bedroom loft view

small modern bathroom design dark marble wall tiles

Small bathroom dark marble wall tiles white porcelain sink

White bathroom colour scheme large wall mirror

Until next time.

Lee Ann

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