Small Apartment Décor Tips and Advice for First-Time Renters!

Moved into your first apartment? How exciting. And overwhelming! Here are some small room decor ideas to get you off on the right foot! A new environment, a new home and a daunting thought of decorating it. If you’re still looking for your ideal first apartment, maybe this Apartment Guide will help you find somewhere perfect for you.

If you are anything like me, I went a little crazy to start off with. I wanted everything, and I wanted it now. Well, that was a bit silly to start off with. Nobody starts off in their new home sweet home, having everything all at once. Unless of course, you are a superstar, have inherited a small fortune, or have a surname that begins with a K and ends with a shian.

No, us mere mortals who have to pay the rent, and the transport costs back and forth to work, the utility bills, and feed ourselves, do not have the cash to splash. We have to work it. And we have to make it all come out in our small little budgets. Credit can give our budgets a bit of a boost when we need it most. Those looking to apply for credit may find Lending Expert’s free credit report a useful resource.
But, trust me, I am 100% sure that one day we will look back and say that this will be one of the most fun part of our lives.

These are some of the tips that I followed in budget management and decorating my first apartment a few years ago.

Tip # 101 Have fun.

But remember that what you buy today could be something that you want to keep forever.
After all – when you live in your castle in your mid 40’s you will be taking life a little more seriously. Surely? I often look back at my parents’ stuff and think – surely they are going to get rid of that old bookcase at some stage? Memories are made of collections.
So start your collection with memories in mind. Don’t think I will trash this one day. Rather think along the lines of “my kids will treasure this as I will.” That will make you think twice about buying something on the spur of the moment.
When it comes to furniture, think longer-term.

modern living room colourful paintings

Tip # 102 Plan what you want to buy.

A few articles of furniture are all you need in the beginning. Friends and family will be happy to pass on pieces they no longer use and your aim should be to search through second-hand shops and flea markets. I have found some amazing pieces in my local “junk” shop. A lick of paint, as I say so often, is sometimes all that is required to turn a piece of junk into a creative talking piece.
Accumulate cleverly and you will save money. I bought my first dining room table after 3 years of saving. And if I had bought the first one I liked, I know that it would not be in my home now. It was not what I would want today.
You have to make it work for tomorrow too.

vintage chair and dresser

single red lamp in empty living room

Tip # 103 Accessorise your new home only once you have the bones in place

Wait until you have settled a bit in your new apartment. It is a small space so over doing it with inexpensive accessories will waste money. When you have all the furniture pieces in place; some new, some hand-me-downs and some that you have spruced up, then look for the accessories that will turn the space into what you want.

girl laying on white couch

minimalist living room

I will be back!
Cheers Jess

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