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Small Bathroom Layout Dilemmas Easily Solved

Here’s how.

Don’t fear you on the right page to solve that Dreaded Dilemma. If you’ve given up on fixing your old bathroom repeatedly and having to call out an emergency plumber, then it’s time for a new bathroom altogether. Bathroom layouts are not easy and small ones are supposedly “difficult”. But, if you think about it, the smaller the easier. I am not asking you to re-decorate Buckingham Palace. If you are in the process of re-doing your bathroom and have a fabulous idea board going, add some of these tips to the pot. Once you’ve got all your ideas together, contact a plumber cranford nj, tiler, painter and bathroom expert to make sure these ideas would work in your household.

However you intend to renovate your bathroom, getting the usual aspects like the repairs will make this process a whole lot easier to manage. Plus it will be one less thing to think about when you can just focus on decorating. Whether you opt to use the services of a slab leak repair company or a professional who can help install a new shower, this should all be done before any sort of improvement to the aesthetic is done.

These simple tips will get your creative juices going, as well as keep you focussed on getting that small bathroom to look grand, grander and grandest.

1. Throw the bath out, not the water.

Very often old apartments or houses will have the remains of a horrible little bath in a small bathroom. I am a natural born showerer, not a bather, so my advice is to ditch the bath for a more contemporary style in the bathroom of having only a shower. Just bring in a plumbing company to do this for you, and this will free up a huge amount of space – so that you can swing the cat.

If you simply have to have it – then check out the next point, I make. (There may be little people in your home who deserve to be bathed – every now and again.)

2. Keep the bath but trash the shower curtain.

A shower curtain will visually close 1/3 of your bathroom, so unless you are tied to its strings, replace it with a frameless glass panel which will allow streams more light into the space. They are easy to install and are simply made for small bathrooms. They also won’t cost you a great deal to install.

Avoid the sliding ones that are available; rather have one or go for the folded hinged panels. This example is a perfect way of solving the problem – small bath with a shower enclosed with a hinged glass panel in lots of lovely light.

3. Find unique mirrors and collectivise them.

Mirrors will not cost you too much to install into your small bathroom. They add tremendously to the overall plan and I would suggest that you go out in search of unique ones that can form a focal point in the small spaced. They are particularly effective above the vanity and along one side of the room.

I love these boxed in ones which double up as little storage containers. A little bunch of flowers, or some nice soaps displayed will add to the charm of the space.

4. A wall toilet will give the illusion of a bigger space

Having one of these in your small bathroom is dependent on available space behind the wall for the built-in tank. Please, please make sure that you position the toilet at the right height. My pet hate is sitting on the throne and dangling my legs. You have to sit on a toilet, not perch and very often men are the ones installing these and 90% of the time, they cannot get it right. (Don’t allow them to hang mirrors either!)

Shelving above the toilet is a grand way of adding storage and again, if you can, extend your vanity shelf to go all the way across to create a narrow ledge.

5. Reframe your outlook in the shower.

If you can only afford to go slowly, slowly in your re-decorating of your small bathroom, do this first and foremost. How people showered, in the olden-days, in those dark dingy dungeons of an excuse for a shower, I ask myself? Yes, you have to do this.

Trash and whistle for the plumber immediately. Prize no. 1 would be to have no walls, but if you can’t afford to bash, then at least update.

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