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Small Bathroom to Glam Room with These 5 Color Tips

Thinking about repainting your small bathroom this Spring? It is all about enrichment – and a Pop of Color can do the trick. If you page through tile catalogues you will see that the neutrals and naturals are in vogue. You could even talk to a Bathroom Remodeling Service if you’re stuck! Well, that is a relief. I remember my parents’ home where avocado green was the order of the day. Please no. Perhaps a splash of the color on the walls would be acceptable, but certainly not for the bath, the basin and the toilet.

Too much of one thing is not on and certainly not IN! The only thing that should be in abundance is cleanliness and along with this style. Yes, you can. Small bathrooms, can have style. Adding colour will add some pizzazz. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1.Clever and Creative use of Paint – and then build on from your selection

This is the easiest way to start my friends. Go off and seek the colors that you love. Hone it down to a few colors only. You have to control yourself here. Love the lime green, but darn the yellows are fab. But hang on, wouldn’t porcelain blue be great. I can hear you muttering this.

The easiest is to go white/neutral and be done with it. But you know, as well as I a dash of color adds a great deal of personality to a room.

Paint is relatively inexpensive so start here. All things follow from this.
This idea of having wainscoting in blue contrasts beautifully with the rest of the white bathroom. It is relaxing and adds a sense of depth to the room.

bathroom with white and violet color theme

2.Establish what you want on the walls and where.

Make of list of what you have, what can go and what needs to be updated. Then decide on the finishings.

For example, if you know you want a large black medicine cabinet, shop around and find the perfect one for your bathroom. If you need more information, websites like may be able to help you out.

Generally speaking, during this stage of a bathroom remodel, it is also beneficial to contact a plumber to work out any necessary changes to your plumbing and heating that can be made to accommodate your plans. For example, a plumber can help to locate the best possible location for your boiler. Accordingly, you can learn more about the different services that a plumbing and HVAC specialist can provide here:

3.Tiles in all shapes, sizes and colours.

I am personally not in favour of tiling the entire bathroom. In some instances, it works, but in most I feel that it can be a bit stark. Your decision.

Rather use colored tiles to focus on sections of the bathroom if you can.

This cleverly tiled bathroom gives the impression that the window is larger than it actually is through the use of a different color. Note the lovely color accents in the pink towel along with the natural greenery. It is peaceful, but yes still has a punch to it.

bathroom with light tan colour theme

bathroom with violet colour theme

Bathroom with green colour theme
Select the mauve and pinks or the lime green shades. Note some areas are not tiled and by incorporating three types of tiles your eye is drawn upwards to make the bathroom look more spacious. Colored mosaics along with a textured similar coloured tile adds interest and depth. The white floor tiles also add to enlarging the small bathroom.

4.Wallpaper is scrumptiously luxurious

The problem is choosing it. So many beautiful designs lead to indecision; very often this leads to ignoring it. Trust me I know. My rule of thumb – look through the range and select the one you keep going back to. Just like the paint color, you then work around that design.

Bathroom wallpaper with beautiful gold accents

Photo: Veneer Designs

This beautiful wallpaper is accentuated with gold trimmings on the mirror and lights and gives a very glamorous look. Simply some paper on the wall and a touch of bling. Not difficult to achieve.

5.Use color splashes in other areas

Towels and bathmats are the best kept non-secret when it comes to adding Pops of Color. This grey and white bathroom has been glammed up with purple accessories. Heck, when you are tired of purple, change the towels.

Small bathroom with purple accents

Overall, it’s not only the colours you decide to paint on your walls, or which tiles or wallpaper you choose to add, it’s also ensuring that the utilities in your bathroom all actually work properly and it’s not just about the aesthetics. So, before you start anything, make sure your shower works correctly, the tap runs hot/cold water as it should, and ensure your drains aren’t clogged and are all cleared out! If you encounter any of these issues beforehand, then it’s best to visit a local plumber to get these fixed as soon as possible. This way, you can get onto styling your bathroom as you wish. As for this, there is lots more to come!


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