Bathroom Small Interiors

Small Bathrooms with Big Personality

Decorative details make a bathroom more personal. And more comfortable. By adding small touches, you can turn your bathroom into a place of beauty and where you can wallow away happily in your own space.

1. Have a seat

small bathroom with rocking chair

By adding some furnishings to your bathroom you immediately create a sense of luxury. No reason why you can’t introduce a plush chair upholstered in some beautiful linen. It also adds a practical dimension to the space – after all isn’t it nice to be able to fling your silk dressing gown onto something luxurious. Additionally, some people struggle with getting changed due to poor mobility so this could really help. On top of that, it might be worth looking at the AHM Installations website if you feel that you would benefit from a walk in style bath or shower. A stylish chair and perhaps a small side table will give your bathroom a brand new look. You can find something at a contemporary furniture shop or you could, of course, re-upholster an old chair that has been sitting around with nothing to do. Search antique shops for something special – they very often have smaller furniture than the more contemporary shops and a lick of paint and a bit of gilding will transform an old chair perfectly for the bathroom.

2. Mark the space with a bench

small bathroom with plush rug

Add some comfort and luxury to your bathroom with a lovely rug and an upholstered bench. Think big here – the fabric could either be matchy-matchy with your towels or tiles, but it could look sensational if you went a little off-beat and chose something bright like a lime green or chartreuse. A good upholsterer can advise you on how to really bring it to the fore; perhaps some deep buttoning or some tassels. A bench or a chair makes the perfect spot to drape your clothes on, or simply to sit and titivate.

3. On the big screen

bathroom with framelwss shower

In small spaces, you should really go or frameless showers. It will keep the look open and make the space feel so much larger. It is also a good idea to have the tiles on the floor – and please make them special – it is after all only a small space in which you are working, to run the whole way through into your frameless shower. This will draw the eye to the end of the space and make it look larger than it actually is.

4.Walls and all

Again to create a sense of space and add interest to your shower, consider tiling the floor and the walls with the same tiles. Mosaics are very in these days and they come in some really striking colours and shapes. Add into the mix a fabulous hand painted tile – perhaps in a recess or where you want your toiletries to sit. This will draw the eye to something special in the space and give it an individual personality. Tile shops as I am sure you are aware, can be quite daunting with their array of choices.

5. Don’t sweat the wet

Bathroom with wet room

If your bathroom can allow for it – it is a fabulous idea to have what is the rage at the moment – a wet room. This is where you can enclose your shower and bath by glass panels. This makes for quite a cosy effect and allows the vanity and dressing area to keep dry. Best of all would be if you can incorporate a skylight above the enclosed area. That will be the pièce de résistance! Skylights in bathrooms give an amazing feel to the space and of course, let in some natural lighting and you will feel very relaxed and special in your personal bathroom boutique.

6. Add some shelf life to the space

Bathroom with shelving

This is both practical and personal. I recently helped with a renovation of a bathroom and although it was small we were able to add an old shelving system to the back wall. The shelving was painted white and the back wall was duck-egg blue (one of my favs at the moment). Carefully curating ornaments on the shelve added a furnished feel to the space and it worked really well. You should also carefully consider where you place your bathroom’s vanity unit. If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, the placement of a vanity unit can be the deciding factor of how big your bathroom looks. For examples of the different vanity units that available, be sure to visit to see what they offer!

Always be on the lookout when browsing through second hand or antique shops. You will be amazed at what a lick of paint can do and how simply it can add a decorated feel to your room. You are not – I hope – going to be spending a fortune – so it doesn’t quite work trash it or give it away!

7. Turn your bathroom into a gallery

Bathroom gallary

Think framed mirrors, pictures and plates. If you keep the walls neutral, a fabulously gilded framed mirror will look sensational as will your pictures framed in a similar style. Again, look through those shops and your scrounging will pay off. I also like black and white themes in a bathroom. White walls with black or charcoal grey framed mirrors and pictures make for a very stylish feel to the space. Old plates can look fab too and they are not going to break your piggy bank.

8. Room with a view – if you have it flaunt it

Bathroom with a view

If you are in a fortunate position to have your shower or bath with a view, then you should seriously consider shutters in the space. They can be cleverly manoeuvred to close the bottom section to screen you off and give you privacy, and to have the upper section open to the view. This is especially important when choosing a window for your bathroom that is particularly open, like bay windows; if you can see out, people can most likely see in! You can find good info on the cost for bay windows shutters at The Great British Shutter Company for your chance to preserve your privacy. The shutters can be opened to let in the natural light when you are not using the shower to prevent rust. This will add a new dimension to the small space and really make it feel larger. It might also be worth checking out Money Expert ( for a fantastic home energy quote so you can put more money into improving your bathroom and home.

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