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Small Living Room Layout Ideas

And no, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this

The number one trick in home decoration is to make you happy and confident about the space in which you live and your living room, although small, is for relaxing and on the odd occasion for entertaining. If you’ve just recently moved from a bigger space, you may be in need of the services provided by Holloway Storage Sydney and likewise services offered by local companies to you.
Remember that the main trick, is to trick the eye! You need to do this to make the room appear more spacious – even it if is small, little tricks played can help tremendously. You want a pleasing space and one which maximises light and airiness.


  • Scale
  • colour
  • weight

Here are some tricks of the trade to make your living room feel more spacious.

Decorating Trick No. 1. Don’t over clutter and make sure your furniture fits the scene

You don’t have to go and weigh each piece of your furniture – just look at it in terms of its context within the room.

Visual weight is what I am speaking about. This is the heaviness – both perceived and real of the piece of furniture. What can affect visual weight are things like – (obviously) the size, the colour, the design and the height of the piece.

Heavier pieces of furniture will constrict a room. You don’t need this “boa” effect. Trash it, or move it elsewhere.

Select lightweight as opposed to boxy and chunky. Furnishings that don’t block out views or other pieces, will automatically open up the area.

I have got one of the handmade rugs Bazaar Velvet to make my room look bigger than it is.

An ottoman in front of a window is a good way to see out, yet still have somewhere to sit. Ottomans are my best 2017 pieces – especially for small rooms. My husband designed one for our holiday home and I gulped at the thought because they reminded me of Granny Furniture. But I think it works like a treat and a fab place to have a siesta on a hot afternoon overlooking the view.

  • Paler colours are better than dark ones
  • Pieces that have legs are better than the boxy look – if you can see under it – cool
  • Use as much glass or Perspex – these will seem to take up less space than chunky wooden one
  • Any furnishings that allow you to see over them, or allow other pieces to be seen are preferable
  • Declutter and open up

Decorating Trick No. 2. Use mirror, mirrors on the wall

If you are anything like me, you don’t like mirrors that are in-your-face and over the top.You need them though, not in great big bold casino type décor, just subtly placed in strategic spots in the room. this will make a big difference in that they will make it look more spacious, and add a nice bit of cosiness especially at night when other lights are reflected off them.

I always have a bunch of candles in front of mine and they make the room feel relaxed and very special.

Always put a plant, or flowers or some form of decorative piece in front of them and they will shine brightly and double up on the effect!

Decorating Trick No. 3. Roaming eyes will look upwards and onwards

If you happen to have higher ceilings than the norm – you are in a fortunate position because you can draw the eye of the beholder upwards and this gives a sense of spaciousness you need. Make the most of it by using interesting paint techniques and lighting.

Another way is to always install floor-to-ceiling curtains – this will change the dimension of the room immediately. Height, length and width – the three dimensions. Concentrating on your special height will achieve the goal of making the living room more spacious. Or any room for that matter.

Roaming eyes – this is your goal.

Add some interesting artwork all the way up the wall. Don’t be intimidated – just place your pieces in a montage up and up. Those eyes will roam!

I like the way that a bookshelf above the window area has been installed – it is another clever trick to get those eyes upwards.

Decorating Trick No.4. Light windows treatments

Light, bright and breezy. If you follow this on your windows whether, in the curtains or whatever type of blind treatment you want, you will give the whole space a nice airy feel and will make the room look more spacious.

If you don’t have to decorate your windows – don’t. The less the better and sometimes bare window treatments will work really well in achieving a bigger feel to your sitting room.

Decorating Trick No.5. Small but cosy

You don’t have to do the minimalist look to achieve a sense of space in your living room. It can also feel cozy with a few pieces of furniture and clever use of lighting and colors, textures and fabrics.

This look is one of my favorites in that it is a fairly neutral (yet not drab) color palette, with the warmth coming from the clever use of lighting from the lamps and full-length windows and the use of candles (always) – these all trick the eye into a looking through the dimension of the room. When it comes to lighting, it may be worth knowing that this site has some great living room ceiling lights ideas, in case this aspect of the room needs switching up a little.

The TV on the wall is an interesting choice, as they opted to wall mount instead of using a TV unit. This adds space but reduces storage. If you’d like the idea of having a suitable unit, I’d recommend you to take a look at furniture in fashion’s TV units. You’ll get an idea of whether any would suit your small space, helping you to make a judgment on whether a unit or wall mount would be more suitable. Another interesting point is the coffee table. This feature is also serving as another seating piece and one you should always bear in mind when you have a small space in which to work.

There will be many more tricks of the trade to share with you but take note:

You will have reached perfection in your design choices only when you have nothing really more to take away from the room, rather than anything more to add.

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