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Small Master Bedroom Ideas – Be the Master of Your Space

Small master bedrooms do not equate to small comfort. In fact, on many of my travels, I have felt the most discomfort in large, bland and characterless bedrooms. Look, one has to be able to move in a room, that is for sure and the thought of ever going back to those cheap European hotels where you have to unpack your suitcase in the corridor and dress in the stairwell does not excite me anymore.

I am happier in a normal-sized room – but if you have a small master bedroom, don’t stress. After all, there is not much that you can physically change unless of course, you are in a fortunate position to bash a wall down or heighten the ceiling for instance.

Follow these simple tricks of the trade to pimp up your compact bedroom into a bigger one.

It is a simple list you need to follow for the basic decoration of a bedroom – especially if on the small side.

  • Comfort is the number one priority
  • Keep colours light, bright and soothing – yet interesting
  • Furniture needs to be multifunctional with as much storage space as possible
  • Get rid of anything that is of no practical use
  • Keep everything clean – use Bissell products to do so
  • It can be furnished luxuriously by taking out rather than by adding
  • Use reflective surfaces as for instance in a mirrored cupboard treatment
  • Make the most of the dimensions – think height, length, and breadth

Tip # 1
Look for The Positives in The Small Bedroom Space

Bedrooms must be special places, so look for opportunities that will allow you to do a bit of boudoir dressing. This lovely natural fiber bed set is displayed to its best in a neutral setting, but with the addition of eye-catching bold print cushions that tie in with the artwork on the walls a lovely touch of color is added. The use of plants adds to the naturalness of the space and the clever use of glass side lamps gives a deceptive feeling of space where the natural light can shine in. It is simple and Classic and will not date:

Tip # 2
Focal Not Vocal

Don’t let things compete for attention in your master bedroom. Concentrate on what is naturally the focal point of the room – but you don’t need to shout about it. Being too overpowering or too vocal is not good. You don’t want an impression of jumble – you want rather create a sense of hierarchy where a melding of points of focus occurs.
Generally, in small bedrooms, the center point or focus is the head of the bed. This is where you can layer colors and textures and heights. You can also try to use tech accessories as furniture, or vice versa. iBeani make tablet pillows that can be used to support your tablet, as well as for plonking your head on when you need asleep. Great use of space and a nice piece of furniture!

In this instance, the bed is competing with the window for a focal point. So, the thing to do is choose one of these and not both. Here the bed has been decorated with fabulous spotty linen resting on a simple yet effective bed head and the window treatments are almost non-existent; it recedes into the background gracefully. The eye is drawn to the interesting treatment of the bed which has been made to look the hero of the room, not the bed and the window. It gives a light airy feel and most definitely opens up the small space in the bedroom.

Tip # 3
Small Rooms Need Mirrors or Anything That Can Reflect Light

Yes, same old cliché – use mirrors on your walls, and on your furniture and on your cupboards and so on and hence forth. These are the saving grace of small room interiors. They also add a bit of boudoir boutique glamour.
The back wall of this bedroom could easily have been plastered and painted, but what in interesting feature this open brick work is allowing for a contemporary yet old-world space. And to add glamour an oversized mirror as the backing to the bed is simply a fabulous bedroom idea that makes a very big statement.

The touch of the chandelier lights as bedside lights gives it a feeling of sophistication.

Tip # 4
Give an Illusion of Height

In this bedroom, the corona placed from the ceiling tricks the eye into an upward movement and it gives an illusion of height in the space. You can have a fancy one or as in this example, a simple white voile does the trick. It adds impact, height, and interest.
Note the bold use of color behind the bed from which the white corona is splayed to perfection.

Tip # 5
Open it all Up

You must consider, again I am repeating this, the dimensions of the room. Don’t go out and buy the biggest bed, with accompanying box-like bedside tables. It might look comfortable in the shop, and you may have dreamed of owning one all your adult life, but if it doesn’t fit, it will make you feel very cramped and constricted in all other aspects of decorating that small bedroom.
In this instance, the iron bed with a non-intrusive backing and footboard allows for a more spacious feel. And, yes, it fits in with the dimensions of the room, neither detracting from the high ceilings nor cramping the unusual ceiling angle of the corner of the room.
It looks cozy, yet practical. The open plan shelving and the glass tables also add to a less cluttered look. Note the use of the difficult space in the back corner – the perfect hideaway for that unsightly and cumbersome TV.
A simple rug or two on the floor again adds spaciousness to the bedroom.

Tip # 6
Headboards Don’t Take Up Space – They Make Up for It in Their Impact!

Yes, I am afraid so. You have to go and invest in a headboard. A master bedroom, no matter what size needs one.
They have a big visual impact and can be creative yet simple. The taller the headboard the taller the room will look. You can go wild on this element in a room, but I like this simple yet elegant one that does not compete with the geometric wall paper nor the window treatment.

Tip # 7
Go Forth, Be Brave and Have Fun!

And let us not forget to save some money while making the most out of our bedrooms. My friend recently switched their energy bills through Simply Switch.

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thank you for spelling a few things out to my befuddled brain. too much to think about in my small space in town.

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