Small Space Opulence in Under 40 Square Metres – Example 1

Yes, It Can Be Done. You too can unleash your design aspirations in a small space.

Small open concept living room design.


This is one of three examples that I will show you in a series of articles. The point that I am wanting to get across in each is that great design can be accomplished no matter what size the apartment is.

This apartment and the second were designed by the Ukrainian architect Maksym Netraba. Both apartments in the series are located in Kiev, Ukraine.

40 square metres in anyone’s language is small, very small. But just look what can be accomplished.
Tiny Space Living – remember …

  • Small should not mean cramped, nor limited.
  • Small apartments are generally for the young or the old. People who don’t need, or can afford to live the city life
    that they want in a bigger apartment.
  • But this does not mean that they cannot reflect their unique style or personality into the home. They still want to come home to comfort and luxury; a place that they feel happy in.
  • Points to take into consideration when designing a small space home: (and this will apply to all the examples in the

12 observations from this small space:

1. The first impression you get is that of the monochromatic colour scheme and the modern/minimalist furniture. In
such a small space – less is most definitely more.

2. The open plan living- room (essential in small space living) uses a glass top table and wooden barstools to
demarcate the dining area. The fabulous pendant lights are not over powering, nor obtrusive.

Small open concept kitchen living room design.

3. Glass partitioning is a brilliant way of separating the rest of the apartment. This allows for a more flowing
aspect to the home, yet at the same time demarcates each space. It also allows light to come through.

4. You don’t have to have a forest in the apartment – just one happy plant will suffice in brightening up the room.
Modern light fittings add atmosphere and mood.

Indoor living room house plant and glass partitioning wall.


5. Don’t be tempted to do everything in white to create a sense of space. Here the use of wooden features adds
warmth and a natural texture to the stark white.

Wooden accent furniture.

6. Simple, functional yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye – with the use of gray stone tiling and natural wooden
chairs and table trestles.

Natural wood kitchen table with glass table top.

7. The bedroom is modest and uncluttered. The modern bedside tables give a minimalist look but are highly
functional in that they don’t take up unnecessary space in the room.

8. The lighting is pure genius – again functional yet appealing in their simplicity.

9. The quirky picture on the wall adds personality as does the bright rug.

Small bedroom with above the bed artwork.

modern bedside lighting.

10. The wooden cabinetry and the white elements work beautifully together. Imagine how this would have looked if
only white had been used. Rather bland?

11. It is in this detail that a sense of high design shines through – this is what it is all about.

Small bedroom closet.

12. Not much to say about the bathroom other than it fulfills the purpose of time-off in luxury. After all, is that
not what we want in a bathroom at whatever stage of our life? And where ever we happen to live?

Small bathroom with glass walk-in shower.


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