Small Space Opulence in Under 85 Square Metres – Example 2

This is the second in the series of examples I have put together to show you that small spaces can be inspiring and beautiful and full of personality.

Creative small kitchen design wooden wall decor

This apartment was designed by the same one as in the first example – the Ukrainian architect Maksym Netraba. It is
however 45 square metres bigger.

Similar elements were employed as in the first example – but a few different details are worth pointing out:

1. A master stroke in chimney design – transforming the feature into an accent wall. I like the bubbles of smoke
going up the chimney!

2. The modern and comfy reading chair completes the picture. It is inviting and cozy.

Wood panel wall design.

3. The Clever lighting gives ambiance to the space and full-length luxurious curtaining adds depth.

4. The large “U” shaped couch demarcates the sitting area.

Open concept living room design with modern kitchen.

Modern lamp living room space.

5. The small yet functional home office or study off the main sitting area is cleverly designed in an uncluttered way and the back panel lighting adds a sense of coziness and alleviates the need for a space-consuming desk lamp. You need to utilize all the space that you have, even if it isn’t that much. You could even say that having a home office that is actually in the house is something that isn’t seen so much these days, as many people decide to build a prefab backyard studio instead. This will allow them to separate their work and home life, as well as being able to work in a quiet place away from the loudness of the house. It’s great. But for many, home is where the heart is, and having an office that is centered directly in your house is perfect, even if it’s smaller than you’d like.

Admittedly, there isn’t much room for storage in here, as those shelves could soon look cluttered. But having the software or something similar in place means that there is actually very little storage needed in a home office. When all documents are stored and managed online, you don’t need a filing cabinet or anything like that. Although, if there are physical storage that needs to be kept from your office or any files need moving then using something like a phs Teacrate, could help to keep things organized and tidy. However, a home office wouldn’t be a home office without a comfy chair, stationery, and an abundance of office accessories. All this ties the workspace together nicely and makes it easier to get into a focused mindset, leaving the distractions of home life behind. Those furnishing their office might want to consider Office Monster as their one-stop source of office essentials.

Small office study area.

6. The compactness of the entrance room sums up the overall feel of the home. Compact, uncluttered, simple and

Front entryway decor.

7. Ever thought of building a bed into the wall? Why not? It works. Use your imagination and think out of the
box. Any ingenious ways of saving space should be used.

narrow hallway built-in bedroom.

8. The wooden accent wall spans the length of the apartment. Again imagine if it had been all white – boring and
dull. Natural wood, stone, ceramic – all add warmth to the starkness of white.

9. Note the ingenious use of lighting from the ceiling. Classy.

Entryway with wooden accent walls.

small space saving hallway cupboards.

10. Luxurious black marble splashback in the kitchen – adding depth and texture.

Black marble kitchen backsplash

11. The colour tones selected for the master bedroom are warm and cozy. The dark gray wall accent/bedhead adds a
sense of luxury to the room and the clever bedside lamps are inspiring. Hanging bedside lamps are a great idea in a
small room.

small master bedroom light colour scheme.

Master bedroom large floor to ceiling windows.

Small bedroom nook.

12. Again – a bathroom with panache and functional style.

Small bathroom with frameless glass shower.

Small bathroom double sink.

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