Small Space Opulence in Under 75 Square Metres – Example 3

A masterpiece of design and ergonomics.

Small living room with blue couch.

This is the third example of how to design and decorate a small apartment with style. This one is brought to you by O.M. Shumelda is a design and architectural studio in Lviv, Ukraine.  Their mantra: “We dream, we create and we embody.” This small modern apartment certainly lives up to that.

Small living room with mounted television.

There are various noteworthy factors incorporated into this design that are worth highlighting:

1. The main elements include glass, concrete, and natural plywood- all of which combine to give a natural and
innovative look to the home.  It is different and creative.

2. The natural lighting is superb – the most sought after element in any home, in my opinion.

3. Space is chic and this comes through the use of glass, mirrors and stylish chosen furniture and accessories.
The reflections created to give a sense of depth and interest. It is all transparent and modern.

4. The zoom-squish fireplace along with the natural cement flooring adds to the aesthetic.  The fireplace chimney
is a piece of art in itself – simple yet very effective in this modern styled home.

Small living room with hidden fireplace.

5. The TV feature is brilliant.  There is nothing worse than a TV in the wrong place or in a space that it
dominates, detracting from any beautiful accessories or pieces of furniture that may be next to it.  This is an
ingenious way of getting it out of the way but at the same time, it becomes a feature.  The matte black wall accent is a clever way of mounting it.

Mounted living room television.

6. Broaden your outlook – who would have thought of natural plywood finishing?  It is just adds a
lovely contrast and softens the whole feel of the home.  Cement floors are a great choice – but they can be hard and
fairly industrial.  They need softening in the fabric choices and colour scheme selected.

7. The exposed shelving adds a lovely feature to the kitchen and the clever use of back lighting turns them into a
modern display feature.

Small dining room decor.

Wood plank kitchen bar and shelving.

Clean entryway design.

8. Harsh white?  Yes, but it is contrasted by the natural plywood of the ceilings and the concrete floors.  The glass doors open up the space making it feel larger than it actually is.

Small white bedroom with minimal decor.

9. The bedroom reflects light from the mirror and the handing pendant lights add space to the room.   I just love
the glass table at the end of the bed and the side tables.

Small white bedroom.

10. The bathroom flows with the continuation of the use of cement on the wall and the plywood cabinetry.

Small bathroom white and natural wood colour scheme.


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