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Small Spaces Don’t Have to Be Like the Inside of a Shoe Box. They Can Have Colour and Texture.

Some tips for experimenting and decorating with colour in a small space, even if you regard it as a shoe box.

If you are anything like me, you won’t like living in small spaces that resemble the inside of a shoe box that is flooded with light. I like shadows and textures, old furniture alongside new contemporary stuff and most of all I like experimenting with colour.

Having searched the web, I have discovered all sorts of interesting tricks that you can use to download photos of your small space and then use colour wheels to change the colour of your wall, or your ceiling, or the background room etc.

What a joy. This saves you the pressure of selecting a colour scheme, buying the paint and applying it. The results can, if you are anything like me, be disastrous. Start again or lose interest in turning your small apartment or shoe box, into a wondrously cosy abode.

Here are some rooms that I have found from a 2017 colour trend site.

Sitting room colour schemes:

By selecting different palettes, you can see the difference between powdery blues with neutral hues, to a taupe and calm green, to navy blue and warm greys.

Very often your choice of palette will depend on the colours of your existing furniture and accessories.

Dining room colour schemes:

Pink is not only for a little girl’s rooms. In this room, it creates a light and airy mood.
Note how the accessories change according to the theme.

So, either you start with the paint theme and then accessorise, or more practical, you start with the accessories and furniture, rugs and floors and then select the colour arrangements.

Entrance hall colour schemes:

Want to paint your background wall in the entrance hall a light pretty grey, then see how perfectly the rose and yellow brings it all together? Note that the accessories change only slightly accordingly to the overall colour scheme. The table is the exception and is painted differently according to each background. And we all know how easy it is to find an old table and give it a lick of magic paint.

Warm blues along with a neutral toned table works just as well, but then of course, there is the orange look!

Bedroom colour schemes:

Note the bed in each of these examples has been painted in accordance with the overall colour theme. Also, the selection of linen and floor rug has been changed to best suited the hue of the wall. That is the attention to detail that you need to take cognisance of. Detail will only enhance the style, never detract from it.
Thanks to Behr paints colour inspiration page you can experiment with colours.

Lea Ann

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