Studio Apartment Decorating – How to Get the Professional Look

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Still dreaming of the ultimate small apartment? This is how you can do it with some tips from the professionals.

Fimera Design – a site I spotted and liked – did this incredible decoration in a small studio apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria. They obviously have some very talented designers and I am amazed at how clever they have been in converting a really small space into a blockbuster of a winner.

It is a really good example for you to follow in order to launch your re-decorating career! The designers were astute enough to make the whole space flow beautifully. So, with a little help from the professionals, you too can get the look.
I hope this inspires the designer in you. We all have “it”; sometimes just takes a little longer to come out of its shell.

Contrast – make it work

Very often too much of the same thing can lead to monotony and ultimately boredom. A small space can easily fall into this chasm because you may be overworking it in one of them or color.

Here, the contrast in the decorative aspects, which include the bright white ceiling and floors as opposed to the brown hue of the walls, gives a crispness to the ambiance of the rooms. The beautiful details in the wooden furniture and shelving allow the space to feel homely and comfortable. A mix of modern and minimalist furniture gives the small apartment a sense of space. Too much clutter would have overwhelmed the area.

dining area fimera

Beware the open-plan pitfalls

If you page through the pictures over and over again – you don’t get lost in the translation. This means that these designers were crafty enough to separate the different rooms without the use of physical barriers. For instance, the blank space between the kitchen and the sitting room could easily have been overtaken by either one. However, through the placement of the dining room table and chairs, the whole space has been demarcated into kitchen, dining and sitting.

kitchen dining area fimera

Use focal points to break any monotony.

You will see that the Fimera designers began with a plan. And it is clear that one of the objectives to be met was to ensure points of interest. These are apparent in the red chandelier in the dining area, the minimalist one red cushion on the sofa and high design wooden cabinetry in the kitchen.
In the bedroom, the “I wouldn’t have believed it will work!” bed covering along the fabulous upholstered wallpaper are details that were obviously cleverly thought through. All to draw the eye to something completely different.

dining table fimera

lounge area fimera

dining area lounge area fimera

Concentrate on a few walls.

The wonderfully modern corrugated look red tiling in the cloakroom, the luxurious embossed tiling in the bathroom and the ingenious incorporation of the TV into a high design wall all add character and give a sense of superior craftsmanship. The point is – don’t go overboard. One or two, not all walls. I know it is hard. People find they can do tiling themselves, stock up on the right tools from online stores like Stonex and then go about tiling every corner possible in their home. It’s understandable – once you get on a roll you want to repeat and repeat. A good designer knows when to draw the line. Speaking of tiling, if you’ve noticed that the grouting needs a little touch-up, it could be as simple as using a grout sealant to get the job done.

bathroom counter fimera

bathroom counter and mirror fimera

bathroom shower fimira

bedroom fimera



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