A Super Cool “True” Apartment – Modern Design at Its Best

This place is ultra-cool. I am loving it!
SVOYA Studio, an interior and architectural design studio called their masterpiece “True Apartment” and labelled it as a modern interior design. The apartment is in Kiev, Ukraine and the owners briefed SVOYA Studio to transform a 3 bedroomed, dated space into a modern and comfortable apartment; a place where they could escape into and away from the busy and hectic urban environment of Kiev.

Well, mission accomplished.

Modern Livingroom

Ceiling molding


This award winning group of designers came up with a beautifully designed home by concentrating on opening up the space and utilising natural and naked materials.
This design firm has created a warm and relaxing environment and cleverly, oh so cleverly, transformed it into something unique and very modern.

Open concept modern livingroom

What makes the space so special:

1. Natural and local

As environmental problems deepen in our world, no matter where we are, it is important to consider all the ecological implications of what we do and how we consume. However clever, ingenious or witty something is, it should not be considered a design success unless it is environmentally and ethically responsible.
This apartment clearly has taken that into consideration. It is high design, but it also through its use of natural materials, has responsibility-the naked ceilings, raw concrete, the copper piping that doubles up as curtain rods, the minimalist lighting that uses concrete and steel rodding. The sustainable wooden tiles in the living room came from the local Carpathian Mountains and the ceramic tiles came from local potters.

Open modern diningroom

Modern kitchen interior

2. Thinking outside the box

The box is a frame, the traditional way of thinking about a problem and it is clear that these designers don’t see a frame; they see different ways of doing things.
The ingenious wooden wine storage, the clever closing off of the kitchen area, the fabulous triptych with decorative nails (named “8526 strikes”. The surprising blue cupboards in the dining room and bedroom add a splash of colour, just where you weren’t expecting it to be added. The completely unexpected hammock placed in the entrance makes a big impact and gives a relaxing feel immediately as you enter the space.

Who would have thought of these? Wish I had.

Modern wine rack

Small modern kitchen

Small modern dining room

Modern open concept living room

Modern open dining room.

Modern livingroom relation.

Modern bedroom.

Modern bedroom decor.

Modern bedroom colour scheme.

Modern master bathroom.

Modern bathroom

Modern bathroom frameless shower


3. It is true to form and function

Form follows function. This is a principal associated with 20th-century modernist design. The main principle is that the shape of an object, building or interior space should be based on its intended function or purpose.
This apartment is “true” to this principle in every aspect.


-Lea Ann

Check out SVOYA Studio for more!

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