Teresa Sapey’s Home – Liveable and Alive in Madrid

Teresa Sapey, in case you have not heard about her, is an Italian architect and interior designer. With a mass of qualifications behind her and numerous accolades and awards in the field, she moved to Madrid in 1990 and set up Studio Teresa Sapey.

Artistic small living room design

eclectic small living room

The guiding principal of the studio is based on energy and curiosity. Sapey has been quoted as saying:

By working within spaces, my aim is to be touching and therefore render emotions palpable: three-dimensional and even four-dimensional. No matter what your feeling is, as far as it is a feeling, I would go for it!
I believe that architecture should interpret, transmit and build this inspiringly and usefully.

eclectic small living room lounge chairs

This is what hits my eye – and let me tell you surreptitiously, it is an envious eye indeed:

  • A white gallery – a unique space. Floors, walls, and ceiling all in stark white
  • The white canvas on which Sapey has placed her beautiful things becomes a live, living area.
  • Mixed in with modern design is a collection of family furniture.
  • Contemporary art is placed along with art from a different century.
  • Everything seems to work together to create a harmonious masterpiece; a curated galley that is liveable and alive.
  • You can feel her touch everywhere. Make sure your home has the same feeling.
  • The kitchen although being practical and functional is also warm and very Italian.
  • The whole space looks upside down – tiles on the ceiling and white on the floor. It is simply fabulous!
  • The bold use of canary yellow is bold! If it makes you tick, then follow your colour coding inner intuitions.
  • The bedroom moves into a different canvas – it takes on a completely different dimension with the use of unusual types of furniture and materials. Why not?
  • The floor changes from white to carpet – a carpet of many colours. Why not design your own and get those creative juices flowing?

Eclectic artwork

Halway table

Eclectic small living room design

Eclectic small dining room table

Ying yang decor

Small dining room area

Small yellow kitchen accents

Small eclectic bedroom

Small colourful bathroom wall

Remind yourself constantly:

No matter what your feeling is, as far as it is a feeling, I would go for it!


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