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Think BIG and Think FLAIR When Accessorising your Entrance Hall

entrance way with large decor

Unless you live in a shoe box the number one tip for accessorising is to think big. Little bits of little bits gathered together on a pin cushion are not going to make any difference. In fact, they will detract and clutter.

It is the same when you are accessorising that million dollar little black number you are planning to wear to the next society cocktail party of the year. If you decorate yourself with lots of little bows and rings, and dainty nothing earrings no one is going to take any notice.

home entrance way with white floor mat

The living room and the entrance hall are the equivalent of the WELCOME MAT to the home. You want a nice one. Think of your accessories as if they were precious gems. Collected and collated into little vignettes of interest and curiosity.

7 Big Ways to Accessorise with Flair

1. Choose your design concept before doing anything – it is called upfront planning. And it is a no-brainer.

You have to be 100% clear on what you want. Not everything – but the main things in both the entrance hall and living room. Should it look modern, shabby chic, country. Then the selection is easier, because if you have honed in on modern, there is not point buying little floral curtains. Or if contemporary, then don’t be cajoled into buying that cottagey coffee table.

2. Your personality must come to the fore – otherwise it will look like a hotel room in your home.

This dark chocolate wall in an entrance hall really shows up the beautiful artwork and demarcates the space perfectly. An entrance with BIG personality. No point in making the entrance a meek and mild place, unless of course you are!

entrance way with dark focal wall and accessories

3. Window treatments are a big investment and they last a long time – choose with great care.

The best advice here is to do some research and use magazine cut outs to decide on what you want. If you have a lot of windows and they allow in lovely natural light – then ensure that that light is not hindered by window blinds or curtains.

Window treatments should not detract from any other décor – they should complement or fade away. The rule generally is plain, neutral furniture allows for more patterned, textured or coloured window treatments. You could also consider looking around at different types of blinds or shutters to find the ones that suit you best. Whether you try to find the best motorized shades denver have to offer or whether you look around fo different roman shades, make sure you find the right ones for you to complement your window area.

living room with green and white theme

4. Choose colours to your taste and also not to your taste

What I mean by this is your natural choice maybe fine but very often you can completely overlook colours that may work fantastically in the room. Be open to new ideas and the best tip ever is to get a colour expert to add some insight. The experience will be a “wow – never thought of that!”
Think of it like your little black dress. You may have accessorise with black heels, but the fashionista will tell you to pair it with red stilettos, red lipstick and emeralds dangling from your ears. Wow. What a difference.

blue accents with picture wall living room

5. Invest in lighting – lamp light is like candle light, it immediately adds ambience

Lighting fixtures must lift the room. Different and interesting lighting in the entrance hall will give a welcoming effect and a bit of a wow factor – just don’t make it a bright light and definitely never a white light. You can go as extravagant as you like with your lighting fixtures because when they’re lit up, it’s one of the only things that people will be looking at. Just remember to look for someone like this best ranked Cambridge electrician if you need some professional help when it comes to installing any lighting you may have, as this could greatly improve your safety. This will give you an added reason to go out of the box with your lighting.

For example, these two glass lamps on a console behind the sofa is an ideal way to add light with flair.

elegant living room

6. Bring in the forest and the forest floor

Adding touches of greenery to the room will always be a welcoming feature. And remember that the floor is equally as important as the walls, or window treatments. A lovely bright rug, or geometric kilim will do the trick to most living room spaces. As for the entrance hall, you’ll be wanting to think about purchasing a hall runner that matches your colour palette and aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

living room with green plants

modern living room with green accents

7. Layer and then layer upon layer.

Remember that all accessories chosen should be about bringing interest into the living room. This applies to art on the walls, your collection of gems on the entrance hall table, or the multitude of cushions that you throw on your couches.

The tip is to ensure the whole thing should look effortless. Layering is all about textures, colours, materials and balance. If you have a large couch, little cushions are not going to add interest unless they are grouped with bigger ones. They will simply fade away into nothingness.

colorful living room decor

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