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Three Tricks to Transform that Small Master Bedroom into Something More Spacious

You can’t create more space in your small master bedroom, without putting a ten-pound hammer to work, but you can give the illusion of a bigger space. Here are some ideas to wave that magic bigger-wand of yours without getting outside contractors in to do the job.

Do you need a look that looks big? Simple tricks coming up and they won’t pull on your purse strings. They are fairly simple tips and nothing too drastic on your purse strings.

Want this?

Small master bedroom with windows

Got this?

small and narrow bedroom

Well, my friends, help is in the magic wand hand of yours. Take some advice and go out with confidence and simply wave that small bedroom space of yours away.

Designer Trick No. 1
“Mild” Colours. Not “Bland” or “Neutral” You have heard this over and over from me – but I think in Black/White/Grey/Nude and then I repeat it. These colours make walls disappear and you will believe in the magic wand if you paint in mild hues. A receding wall is what you are after to create that more spacious look. The cooler the hue the more receding, the warmer the hue the cosier the space becomes. Remember that with most colours you get a warm tone, and a cool tone. So, select your theme, and then decide on the tone for whatever effect you are after. Whatever colour you decided to paint you room, you want to make sure that all the furniture will be safe in the process. You can cover it with a white sheet. But you could also look into using storage units in perth to keep your furniture safe from any paintwork that you are getting done. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a storage unit near you too, no matter where you live. Once the work is complete, you can retrieve all your possessions. You’ll finally have the room that you have always dreamed of, just with a simple change of colour.

Using a cool white with a splash of cool grey gives this bedroom a spacious look. It is very Scandinavian, which is very contemporary at the moment. You have to be brave to do this and of course very controlled – no, you cannot add that crochet grandma’s blanket with a million and one colours. Not in this look and feel. This colour scheme makes the room look bright and breezy.

small master bedroom

The incorporation of the small dressing table/mini office is a clever way of utilising space in this small room. Imagine if this section were in an array of different colours and tones – it would make it look cluttered and messy.

Designer Trick No. 2
Go up up and away…

My very best thing in a house is a high ceiling. They are very special and if you have them be very grateful – these can add a massive design effect if cleverly used.

The delightful big and bold monochrome wallpaper on the bedside wall adds a completely different dimension and tricks your eye into thinking there is more to come in this space. The natural light does help to add to this effect.

Many designers would insist here on a tall bed with a possible 4 poster effect, but I believe that the wallpaper does the job just perfectly on its own. By fiddling with the height and structure of the bed in this room, would in my opinion, be too much – you may be adding too much heft to the space. Rather keep it simple.

That is not to say though that in a different shaped room with a tall ceiling you can’t proportion up your bed. You most certainly can. It all depends on the shape of the room.

The beautiful height of this bedroom allows for a very detailed and heavy look back-panelling and headboard. Note the use of the chandelier and the clever lighting to add further depth. The eye is automatically drawn upwards to the interesting ceiling space and the well-proportioned overall feel detracts from the fact that the room is narrow.

Designer Trick No. 3
Be Bold. Or Italic. Never Regular!

Obviously, we know that paler, cooler hues on the walls and lighter in scale furniture makes a bedroom look more spacious. That’s why you keep an eye out for it when you look for Modern Furniture Toronto. But, yes we know, there are exceptions to the rule; bigger and bolder can very often work in a small spaced bedroom.

Take for instance this small bedroom which has a four poster bed and bold colours scattered throughout the space. The grey backdrop emphasises the natural earthy tones of the bed.

The furniture here stands out in a bold fashion. You are drawn firstly to this piece and not to the surrounding small space. It has a wow-effect and double whammy by tricking you into thinking the bedroom space is larger than it actually is. So the constraints of the space are overwhelmed by the larger than norm bedroom furniture. If you are thinking of redecorating your bedroom furniture then it might be a good idea to check out something like this Bedroom Furniture by Hudson to give you a better idea of what you could do to your bedroom.

One thing I found difficult to get right was finding the perfect mattress. When we purchased our new bed, we decided it was the right time to change our mattress too! We ended up making a list of the things we liked about them, and the things we didn’t like to help us make our final decision. Some websites did this for us, such as casper vs leesa which saved us so much time. In the end, we managed to find the one right for us, and I just couldn’t wait to get everything together.

The pairing of the bold colours of the cushions and accessories with a simple white linen bed cover, adds a sense of drama and also tricks the eye away from the dimensions of the small space. I couldn’t have been happier with how it looked.

small bedroom colour ideas

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Thanks Bruce! Simple Mag, a great simplistic theme that has been around a while. Hope to see you again soon! 🙂

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This is so refreshing particularly the fact that you are so free with your creative ideas which are very inspirational and provides the required fuel to fire up one’s fear of making bold and necessary changes. Please keep up this magnificent witty and stimulatory offering.

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