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Want a Country Kitchen Makeover? Easy as Pie

Five simple country kitchen ideas to help you achieve the Country Kitchen Look without breaking your budget

We all love the thought of a simple country kitchen and the lovely connotations it brings to mind. The smell of home baked bread, coffee brewing, Grandma’s chutneys displayed, and the cosiness of an open fire. The large family kitchen table, where meal after delicious meal is served and the sound of laughter is in the air. And of course under the table is the heirloom rug. Here are some great ideas to get you going.

Dream on my friends – nothing wrong with that.

But reality can be painful. Your kitchen may look like it is beyond organization, getting help from remodelling agencies like Kitchen Wise for kitchen organization in Frisco might be your last resort. Such companies can de clutter the chaos in your cabinets, and other hard-to-reach places in your kitchen. If you do not have any organizational problem, lets try to make your kitchen space for good-looking! So, here are some tips on how to brighten up your kitchen and turn it into a more countrified style. Even with limited space, there are tricks to making the room look great.

Remember a little thought and cash can go a long way if you follow some of these simple kitchen trade secrets that I have learnt.

1.Expose it all

One of the trademark looks for a cottage style country kitchen, is open shelving where everything is on display. It is really simple to open up your shelving by removing the doors and painting the cabinet in a distressed look.

Then go featherbed and get your beautiful crockery and some collectables out there. Add a dash of greenery and Mr Denver is your uncle!

Ikea country kitchen with accents

2.Mix but don’t necessarily match

Grandma’s stuff with modern – is the look. Include some junk-shop or second hand finds with up to date touches. Some people like to include the best domino hobs as their up to date touches so they can have fantastic modern utilities with classic stylings all around. Use colour in contrasting hues, paint techniques on the cabinets and when you can add some wallpaper that has a distinctive countrified feel. Cosiness and heritage is what you are looking for. A little old drama along with the trendy kitchen equipment you have will give the space a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

3.Blackboard a wall

It is easy to paint one of your walls or even the backsplash of the hob in chalkboard paint which can then be used to keep your shopping lists and things to do lists. It is inexpensive and adds a sense of fun to the room. If you’re not keen on the dark tones of the chalk paint, you could check out Writey. You can create a whiteboard wall to keep track of your lists, nothing too serious – unless of course you want to right down the rules of your country kitchen for others to take note.

Kitchen with blackboard wall

4.Display canisters and jars

Yes, you can pretend that you made all those jams and condiments and you carefully labelled them. It is a clever way of taking the modern out of the kitchen and adding some character. I particularly like old enamel ware and use it often as vases, or places to keep something pretty.

country canisters and jars

Kitchen dishware

5. Original brick

Think farmyard and old heritage building techniques. The first thing that comes to mind is exposed, non-plastered brick. If you cannot chip away your wall rendering, then find a wallpaper that is open brick, stone, wood, or even rock. Wallpaper can be expensive, but make sure that you are only covering a small section and it won’t break your piggy bank.

Thanks for reading!

– Jess

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